Friday, January 8, 2010

she held her god so close

(click photo to enlarge)

she held onto her god
with a simple faith
and abiding trust
that withstood everything
the world had done to her

she was battered
and scarred
and had even lost
large pieces of her self

yet she never wavered
in her love of god---
it was carved in stone

others looked on her
with pity---
she seemed to them
a tragic victim---
and they
looked away
never seeing
the sweetness
of her smile
as she held
her god so close...

* * * * * * *

This charming (but crumbling) monument is in one of the small cemeteries along the highway between McAllen and Rio Grande City, Texas. In case you can't tell by the photo, one of her legs is missing and the object that she's clutching is a broken cross.

These old grave yards are filled with a wide variety of fascinating monuments, ranging from the simplest possible wooden cross, to large concrete guardian angels, and everything imaginable in-between.

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  1. Clinging to the clung, poor little steadfast is D's birthday and i came very close to buying him a dead guy on a stick T-shirt but it was not the right size. Your header is stunning as are your glasses! Thanks for popping over to my bloggish foolishness and leaving the amazing compliment! what do I owe you for that? ONE MILLLLION ? Blog away Coreo, this is fun!


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