Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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his black is the black
of the beady eyes
of well-loved
but long-lost
childhood teddy bears

shiny as if
he'd polished each hair
in the early morning
promise of the day

a lustrous compilation
too beautiful
to be called
merely a "coat"
much too elegant
to be called "fur"

the envy of
the prince of darkness
Ben is dressed
in a garment
fitting to his station---
the cat who came
to visit
several halloweens ago
and decided not to leave

he condescends
to appear
from his private feline
hiding places
only when
the laundry
(especially the white
is done
and warm and
on the table
waiting to be folded

because of his beauty
(and great conceit)
Ben never imagines
that this blatant interference
with the hoped-for
household order
may not be
happily embraced...

* * * * * * *

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