Wednesday, January 6, 2010

blankety blank

blankety blank
blank email
i feel like an oracle
trying to discern
the meaning
from a plain white page
without benefit
of a safety net
or those helpful
little marks
very much
like these
that make meaning
so much more clear

my mind is cloudy enough
my spirit in question
how can i guess
from all the things
to guess about
to wonder about
to ponder about
in this world
and the mysterious
world of e
what meaning is meant
what message is sent
by a blank page?

am i to cast the runes
stir the leaves left
in my cup of tea
rattle some bones
and throw them
at the screen
to read the message there?

what o what is meant
when blankety blanks
are sent?

my powers are great
i know my vision
ranges far
but how o how
to know for sure
what's really in the cards
when those blankety blanks

* * * * * * *

(This was my response to a blank email I received from my good friend, Mary Ann back in 2002. She subsequently filled in the blanks).

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