Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yellow Rose of Texas

McAllen, Texas, just eight miles from the Mexican border---Today I went out in my back yard, where most of the plants are either dormant or dead due to some very un-typical cold weather last month. All by its lonesome, one "mid-winter rose" was blooming. Bright lemony, buttery yellow, it was opening itself up to the February sunshine, where it basked all day long. This is my first post on this blog that is not a poem. However, I believe this rose is poetry enough! Enjoy! And, by the way, Happy Winter!

A poetic tribute to this beauty is sure to come. I invite all my poetically-inclined friends out there to submit their own "ode" to a rose!



  1. @ Dearest Cory Raymond

    Well said.."Rose is by itself a poem", Indeed poem does not need rhymes always..perhaps poem means an aesthetic appeal and the yellow rose have definitely made those beautiful prose with each sublime yellow petal!

    I have roughly gone through few of your previous post/poems....and you are magnificent indeed! Will get back to your poem again latter when i read them all:)

    I'm so happy that you visited my blog (HUMMING TODAY) and loved the post! Glad that you left the beautiful comment perhaps I found a link to your blog and remarkable poems!

    I'm kinda moved with your YellowRose co-incidence...indeed life unfolds beautiful and finest moments in such remarkable tiny co-incidences that leaves the most memorable moments of life :)

    ~Following Ur blog:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  2. Hi Cory,

    the rose is marvellous.

    You have a fine blog here!


  3. the rose I suppose is a rose is a rose. It's spring here and the fruit trees are blossoming- fragrant- the sun is bright and the sky is blue- WHAT HAPPENED! Where am I? Nice post Dear Coreo!

  4. SUPPOSE NO ROSE (for Cory)

    Strip it from all lyric
    and prosaic referents.
    Eliminate its love liaisons.
    Erase its gloried scents.
    Remove all that it does.
    Suppose it never was.

    The question, then, to pose--
    What is ode to rose?

    ~ Jo Lightfoot


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